Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was halloween. All us kids dressed up in our costumes. I was a scarecrow, Lainey was a witch, Taytum was Princess Leia from StarWars, Keaton was a Jedi, and little Kanyon was Yoda.
Lainey went with her friends trick- or-treating. but me and Taytum went with the rest of the family. When Kanyon saw scary masks he made his little sad face. It looked so sad and cute.
Halloween night was fun.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My sister (Taytum)

I have a sister taytum I say she is a walking tornado.The reason I thank she is a walking tornado is she rips myne and my sister (laineys) stuff she cut her own dolls and she is really annoying ,but I still love her.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Today was thanksgiving. Me and my dad made: roasted turkey, cheesy potatoes, pomegranate stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, raspberry jell-o with cool whip and mini chocolate chips, sparkling grape juice, pumpkin pie, and grandma's famous brown paper bag apple pie with vanilla icecream. mmm! mmm!
At dinner, after the prayer, each one of us said things we are grateful for. Some of the things we said were, the Gospel, our family, food, home, toys, friends, animals, our new pup Temple, each other, laughter, icecream, Jesus, happiness, healthy bodies, and the freedoms we have in the United States.
I am grateful for a lot of things.

Sugar is so sweet

One b/day I got a very BIG surprise, my mom said “close your eyes and put out your arms.’’ I did. My dad put something on my arms it felt like it is moving it tickled a bit. He said“ open your eyes. I did. And I saw one of the most cutest puppy ever. It was a poodle/bichon. She was black and she was so play full her name was Sugar. She was so cute. We would play and play and play until we got so tired.
One day my grandma was over and she asked “Aubreigh do you know were the sugar is?” I said “Yes I do, I will go get her.” I went to the door and called “Sugar!” she came running in to the house. My grandma laughed. I said “Why are you laughing?” She said “Because I meant the sugar that you put in cereal.” Then I laughed too. It was so funny.
Sugar was the sweetest dog I ever had. So she really is as sweet as sugar.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Trot

At school today I ran a 2 1/2 mile Turkey Trot. and I hated it. every second of it.
People say it is very good exercise. But I still hate it.
Running for exercise=no fun. Bleck!
I would rather work out on a treadmill, or dance around a room, or chase my baby brothers around. But my favorite exercise is: playing with my puppy. Puppy play=fun exercise. Yeah!